Get the right Person. To the right Place. At the Right Time.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service


“One of our goals was to create an exceptional customer experience. So, we implemented Dynamics 365 for Field Service. Now our customers are ecstatic and overjoyed, they even bake us brownies and send us personalised cards.”

Wes Johnson – Operations Director Michelin


 Your Field Technicians CAN Make You Money

Find out how Dynamics 365 for Field Service can help you increase profitability and decrease costs.

Increase Profitability
Increase Profitability
Increase profitability by effectively using your service team to upsell.
Improve Cash Flow
Improve Cash Flow
Radically improve cash flow by invoicing early and often.
Reduce Costs
Reduce Costs
Proactively identify what will cause loses in the business and prevent them from happening.
Manage Productivity
Manage Productivity
Get actionable insights into your business’ performance, so that you can manage by exception.

Did You Know?


of companies say they are bad at up-selling.


of business owners believe that improving field service management directly increases profit.


of service teams are unable to solve a customer inquiry using only one application.


of customers are loyal to brands who are easy to work with.

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Intelligence in the Field

Increase profitability with predictive services. Connect any asset in the Field using intelligent technology. So you know when someone is wrong before the customer experiences an issue.


  • Manage by Exception – Detect, troubleshoot, and resolve issues remotely so a technician is dispatched only when necessary.
  • Save on Expenses – Get remote monitoring and predictive maintenance. To determine the condition of in-service equipment. And predict when maintenance should be performed.
  • Use less resources – Use systems to ask customers the right questions up front. To ensure the right technician is dispatched.

Customer Experience

Put your customers at the centre of every interaction. We’ll design a customised portal for your customers to interact with your brand.


  • Reduce customer complaints – allow customers to track the progress of their service call. And maintain visibility with a live map and photo of their technician en route.
  • Maintain customer data – Use customer portals to obtain accurate and up-to-date customer information.
  • Save on Call Centres – Allow customers to log service calls online and reduce call centre expenses.

Mobile Productivity

Improve your technicians’ productivity by ensuring the right technician gets to the right place, at the right time.


  • Increase profits – Give your field technicians the tools they need to up-sell and cross-sell on-site.
  • Reduce time at customer – Ensure technicians have full customer data, the steps to complete the job, and ability to collect payment.
  • Save money – Optimise driver routes to save on fuel and reduce speeding.

Inventory Management

Give your team everything they need to manage your inventory across locations in real-time.


  • Reduce time on-site – Maintain your mobile warehouse inventory to ensure technicians have parts on-hand.
  • Invoice on time – Track inventory being used so you can accurately invoice customers.
  • Save money – keep track of service warranties and inventory being replaced to ensure fewer write-offs.

Service Agreement

Make it easy to manage all service agreements and improve your service delivery. To help you increase revenue.


  • Get actionable insights – Make sure all your service contracts, warranties, and installed products are up to date.
  • Identify new sales opportunities – Get accurate contract information. So field service technicians can identify new sales opportunities and drive additional revenue.
  • Ensure accurate invoicing – Use barcodes or serial numbers to ensure you invoice all parts used.

Schedule & Dispatch Optimisation

Create and optimise the best schedule, to assign the right technician for the job.


  • Optimise Service Delivery – Give your dispatchers real-time information on technician’s location. So they can accurately schedule service calls.
  • Reduce administration overhead – Identify and organise available resources by categories, to balance workloads and resources.
  • Increase efficiency – Schedule service calls in real time, to fit in more appointments in a day.