The A.R.T of Software

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The CRM Team | A First Technology Group Company

At The CRM TEAM, we embody the essence of The A.R.T of Software—our agility enables us to swiftly adapt to changing market dynamics, our resilience empowers us to weather challenges and emerge stronger, and our commitment to timelessness ensures enduring excellence in delivering solutions that stand the test of time and empower businesses to thrive.

Our Expertise

customer relationship management (CRM)

Enterprise resource planning (ERP)


PLATFORM DEVELOPMENT & Robotic process automation


Built using Soul Machines.

Our Core Partners

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First Technology Group holds the distinction of being the largest and most established Microsoft Licensing Solutions Provider in South Africa. 

Microsoft is a multinational technology company known for its development, manufacturing, licensing, and support of a wide range of software products, services, and devices. is a cloud-based platform that allows users to create their own applications and project management software.

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