Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Attract the right leads and nurture them into customers


Market smarter with embedded intelligence

Use marketing automation to deliver engaging customer experiences across all of your touchpoints. Manage all your campaigns, automate your most repetitive tasks, and report accurately on ROMI.

Get More Leads

Nurture Leads to Maturity

Automate Campaigns

Align Marketing & Sales

 Win customers and earn loyalty faster


Elevate Customer Experiences

Make the next great leap in customer experiences: from segment-based marketing campaigns to moments-based interactions, creating a personalized, holistic customer journey for each individual. This enables you to strengthen your relationships at every touchpoint across both digital and physical, breaking down walls between marketingsalescommerce, and service organizations.

Personalize customer experiences with AI

Engage customers in real-time

Align sales and marketing with one source of shared information & connected processes

Find and nurture more sales-ready leads using multi-channel campaigns and personalized lead nurturing

Personalize customer experiences with AI

Aligning sales and marketing:
The intelligent way to succeed

Engage customers in real time

Design, predict, and deliver content through the right channels in the moment of interaction for personalized customer journeys.

Win Customers and Earn Loyalty Faster

Give your clients a consistent and seamless customer experience across various platforms with our solution. A unified front end allows you to switch seamlessly between channels and devices, while still ensuring the same experience for your clients. You’ll be able to bring together SMS, email, social, chatbots and more for a consistent and powerful experience.

Personalise Customer Experiences With AI 

Turn insights into relevant action using AI-driven recommendations for content, channels, customer segmentation, and analytics.

Build customer trust with a unified, adaptable platform

Use built-in features to help with compliance requirements and protect customer data. Easily customize and connect with tools you already use.

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