Deliver Remarkable Customer Service… Every Time!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service


“On every desktop, every employee has Microsoft Dynamics 365 to allow us to work better and smarter, faster and easier. That makes a difference for us. And we can do things no other bank can do.”

Craig Donaldson – Metro Bank CEO


Stay connected to your customers.

Give your customers a world-class service with Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, an intelligent, comprehensive solution. Increase efficiencies by allowing customers to find answers themselves, receive assistance remotely, or request a call-out.

Earn Loyalty

Earn Loyalty

Customers have the power. Having the ability to have a deep understanding of and connect with customers is critical to any company’s business strategy.

Stay Agile

Stay Agile

Companies need to enable their people and processes to respond quickly to changes in the market to capture new revenue opportunities.

Empower Agents

Empower Agents

With finite resources, productivity is critical for businesses to scale. Embed productivity tools directly into business processes to save time and get more productivity out of their employees.

Did You Know?


of consumers expect consistency and continuity across channels


increase in use of online forums and communities for self-help


of service organisations can't solve a service inquiry using a single application.


of consumers use web or mobile self-service to find answers

Listen to your customers

Seamless Omni-Channel Experience


  • Unified platform – Offer a unified service experience across self-service and assisted service channels.
  • 360 customer view – Understand customer history, preferences and voice of the customer to personalise every interaction.
  • Personalised engagement – Leverage insights and resources to create individualised and consistent experiences across channels.

Branded Self-Service Portals


  • Branded experience – Provide personalised self-service options that deliver consistent answers, and a community to connect with peers and subject matter experts.
  • Localised & extensible – Minimise customer effort with targeted, relevant service from anywhere on your brand site or 3rd party site.
  • Contextual – Offer simple navigation to the right answers and resources from any device, including customer escalations to agent support.

Agent Enablement


  • Role-driven – Drive the next best action through a visual user interface that delivers role-tailored experiences for tiered agents and support leads.
  • Intelligent case management – Speed resolution with machine learning and advanced analytics capabilities, and a dynamic interface that guides agents through every interaction.
  • Collaborative – Avoid escalations by harnessing the knowledge of peers and subject matter experts both inside and outside the service organisation.

Service Intelligence


  • Interactive dashboards – Provide real-time views of key service metrics through fully customizable, interactive dashboards.
  • Customer insight – Deepen customer insight and identify business opportunities by tracking and correlating customer satisfaction with service metrics.
  • Trends and forecasting – Identify trends, explore scenarios, and forecast outcomes to reduce effort scores, improve performance and identify best practices.