Sales Productivity: Buzzword or Revenue Killer

Selling is competitive as ever.


Many companies are feeling the pressure. If you don’t want to get left behind, there’s one number you need to focus on: 22.

Pace Productivity Inc. has spent decades tracking productivity and they’ve recently shown the average sales rep spends only 22% of their time selling[1]. That’s only one day a week.

Imagine the effect on your bottom line if you could boost that percentage.

Say your average sales rep brought in R10 million last year. If you increased their percentage selling time from 22% to 26% the knock on effect would have been an extra R1.1m. That’s an 11% increase in sales.

But this isn’t just theory, many companies are doing just this.


Here’s How

Analyst, Forrester says that if you switch to an integrated sales solution your sales reps will each get back 53 minutes a day. Think of the effect this has on their selling time. 22% goes up to 33% – enough to significantly worry your competition!

In their recent report[1], Forrester analysed 106 companies who had adopted the Microsoft Sales Solution: the combo of Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Power BI. And you’ll like the numbers. Their three-year risk-adjusted calculations demonstrated a 1-2.7% increase in top line revenue, a 1.8% additional sales volume with an ROI of 302%.

And this was them being conservative. You can read all about it by getting the full report here

While the numbers are clear, the question you need to ask yourself is: Can you afford not to do this?

Think of the impact if your competitors did this and you didn’t. What sales would you be leaving on the table?

“We saw our sales teams spending upwards of 40% of their work week doing admin tasks. That number is now approaching 10% because we can do things in an integrated fashion, from wherever and whenever there’s an opportunity.”

The Microsoft Sales Productivity Solution by the Numbers


13% decrease in time to resolve clients needs

Deep frontend and backend integration within the suite offer ultimate visibility to client data.

 1.8% improvement in sales = $17 million

For an organization grossing $800M, a 1.8% improvement in sales translated into $17M back to its bottom line.

 Decreased 11% likelihood of committing an error

The decreased chance of a sales professional making a client contact mistake from having CRM data integrated with Office 365.

19% increase in productivity        

Sales professionals gained 19% in productivity by being able to access client data anywhere and anytime.


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