Reduce costs. Sell more. Make your customers happier.

Consistently great customer service is getting harder to achieve. Social media has enlarged a customer’s voice – good when companies are being praised, but damaging when they are being criticised. Since 2009, there has been a 12% decline in first call resolution. More complex questions means higher costs.

But the pressure isn’t just on contact centres. Cost cutting has meant field service agents need to see more customers per day. Project teams need to shorten the project length – with less and less personnel.

What’s needed is an intelligent, comprehensive solution. One that can increase efficiencies in the whole service division. It needs to be flexible enough to allow customers to find answers themselves, receive assistance remotely, or arrange for service personnel to come on site. And it needs to manage the process from first engagement right through to completion.

Welcome to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service.

It’s a comprehensive way of managing every service interaction. With its incorporation of machine learning, intelligent analytics, and the Internet of Things, it will enable you to stay ahead of the competition: saving money and increasing your up-sells and cross-sells. All the while, you can ensure your staff give a consistently great experience to every customer.

Have a look at what Dynamics 365 for Customer Service could do for your company:

1. Encourage Self-Service
84% of customers use web or mobile self-service to find answers – before making contact with a customer service centre. This trend is great for the customer and great for you.


Easily embed branded self-service portals into your website. Provide answers to frequently asked questions and allow customers to log their own service cases. If they go on to make contact with your service centre, your contact centre personnel will see all the information your customer has already logged in your portal.

Not only does this enable customers to engage with you in the way they prefer, it also reduces your costs. With more people finding their own answers and logging their own service cases, you’ll need less customer service personnel.

2. Simplify Assisted Service
Even with increasing use of self-service portals, some people will still need to speak to a contact center. Why not make this as straight forward as possible? Dynamics 365 for Customer Service does just that:


Track all customer interactions in one place. From any channel, on any device.  Use this information to capture service cases and then check the service entitlements a customer has, before proceeding.
Monitor the progress of each service case. See the stage of each case alongside every source of information they need across diverse environments. With each service personnel being able to access the entire customer record, you can ensure your staff provide a personalized and effective standard of service.
Ensure access to consistent, up-to-date information. Empower customers and employees to access a single source of truth. Ensure your knowledge is relevant by simply capturing and publishing across your content channels. Measuring the impact of this on service costs through rich analytics.
Learn from each customer interaction to continually improve: Identify trends, anticipate opportunities and gain insight through dashboards, deep analytics and powerful data visualization. Dynamics CRM Service comes with fully customizable, interactive dashboards. This allows it to provide you with real-time views of key service metrics. You’ll be able to Identify trends and forecast outcomes, improving agent performance and identifying best practices.


3. Achieve more with Onsite Service
Whether you need to ensure your field agents increase the number of customers they see in a day or you need to ensure your larger projects deliver on time, to cost, and at a profit, then Microsoft Dynamics 365 is what you need. Do more, at less cost.

Field Service: Dynamics 365 for Field Service is Dynamics 365’s complete field service management business app. It’s incredible. Once you have it, you’ll wonder why you ever settled for anything else. Read all about it here.

Project Service: Working alongside project management software, Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation can manage your project costings, ensuring that your projects complete on time and on budget, and at a profit.

So, whatever your service needs, let us see how we can help you. Contact our team now

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