Omni-channel vs Mutli-channel. Is there a difference? 

The words multi-channel and omni-channel are often used interchangeably by experts and consultants alike, but is there a difference? We believe there is.


Multi-channel refers to the fact that organisations interact with their customers over multiple channels including email, phone calls or social media. The problem with this is the transition between these channels isn’t smooth. As a consumer we find ourselves in a position where we have to explain and re-explain our situation or requirements, wasting time and building up irritation. 


Omni-channel, on the other hand, means there is channel awareness that allows for smooth transitioning between interactions. If I receive an SMS recommending a specific product or promotion and call the contact centre to take up the offer, the agent is immediately aware that I’m calling because of the promotion. They would also be aware if I wanted to complain.


Being constantly connected on digital platforms has changed how businesses need to interact with customers. Let’s take a look at the benefits an omni-channel solution could bring to your business.


1. Increase customer satisfaction

Customers want to interact with your business online, through a call centre, on social media, in-store, and they want these interactions to be consistent and immediate. An omni-channel approach prevents your customer from getting lost in a constant loop of communication with no resolution.

Nothing irritates your customers more than not having their voices heard. This happens when a customer phones your call centre, but they don’t have the information to resolve the call and so they email the service desk and then they might be pushed back to the call centre. With an omni-channel approach your business can make first call resolutions a reality, by having consistent and accurate customer data.


2. Make informed decisions with a data-driven view of your client

Understand your customers better, identify untapped market opportunities and make smarter business decisions. Omni-channel is about helping customers at the right time, with the right product and the right advice.


Using customer insights will help you track behavioural patterns in how and where your customers find information, and what products or services they want to buy. The data you have on hand will also allow you to ask better questions, and these questions will drive improved processes.


3. Reduce operational costs

Consistent and relevant data also allows you to measure operational efficiency where it counts. Omni-channel allows you to automate standardised processes. Automation could reduce call centre agent handling time, help reduce time to resolution and in turn reduce operational costs while increasing customer interactions.


4. Improve productivity and collaboration

Remove information silos between departments to encourage collaboration. Omni-channel brings together data from many sources, into one view for client-facing teams.


Gone are the days where the person who has been with a company for the longest usually holds all client information. This causes key man dependency and is a business risk. An omni-channel system removes this risk by giving the people in your business a full view of your clients.


Give your business the advantage with an omni-channel system that can increase profitability through increased customer satisfaction. Why not get in touch with us to see how we can partner to create a consistent customer experience.

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