Is your business POPI compliant?

Don’t risk financial penalties, get POPICheck now.


What is POPICheck?

POPICheck is a cloud-based, rapid assessment tool that helps organisations gauge their readiness for compliance with POPIA, South Africa’s data protection law.

Ease of access

No training required

Industry standard

Simple and easy to use

Reduces reliance on external consultants

How does it work?

POPICheck is available as a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) offering that is hosted in Microsoft Azure.

  1. Signup and login
  2. Create an assessment and answer the questions
  3. View your score and results in a graphical dashboard view or print a report
  4. Review the corrective actions and assign tasks to remediate them

Choose the right one for your business

POPICheck Basic

  • POPICheck™ provides a dashboard summary for your assessment
  • Drill down to see underlying problem areas and prioritized corrective actions
  • Use our simple, one-button reporting option for export to PDF
  • Build a picture of your progress towards a successful POPI compliant business

POPICheck Pro

  • 60 industry approved and legally compliant templates for recording your compliance status
  • An audited “Evidence” folder for uploading and storing completed templates
  • Time and date stamped templates for audit purposes.
  • Corrective actions containing links to the specific templates that are relevant to that corrective action.
  • Option to download a POPI compliance manual which is a compiled PDF comprising all your uploaded policy templates. 

Easily action the next level in your compliance journey