Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing

Create a more resilient future by focusing on innovation, optimizing operations, and strengthen customer relationships.

Assisting manufacturers in their pursuit of innovation

Strengthen your manufacturing business by connecting systems and data to anticipate change and minimize disruptions to reduce time to market—all while using real-time insights to build better customer relationships.

Design and training

  • Rapidly roll out new products and services.
  • With hands-free work instructions, you can improve safety, quality, and productivity.

Planning and sourcing

  • Maintain the flow of your line by anticipating problems before they arise.
  • Make use of demand forecasting that is AI-enhanced.



  • Increase customer trust and strengthen customer relationships.
  • Personalize customer interactions across multiple channels in order to cultivate and sustain long-term relationships.


  • Provide exceptional service to increase customer loyalty.
  • AI-optimized scheduling and proactive field service.
  • Remote assistance in real time with mixed reality annotations.

Reduce Cost, Improve Quality, and Enhance Productivity with Smart Maintenance



Remote condition-based 3 monitoring



Be an Industry Leader

Customer Service


of leaders feel their competitive edge is down to how they take care of their customers and the quality of the experiences they give them

Increase customer loyalty with exceptional service.
  • Proactive field service including AI-optimized scheduling
  • Real-time, remote support with mixed-reality annotations
  • Omnichannel and self-service customer service



of industrial manufacturers use sensors and other digital technologies to monitor the products they sold to customers

Build trust and strengthen relationships with customers
  • Streamline and automate sales processes to sell new leads and identify opportunities with existing customers.
  • Track relationship needs and relationship health with real-time insights.
  • Personalize customer engagements across multiple channels to cultivate and maintain long-term relationships.

Enhance your solution with Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing

Accelerate your innovation, growth, and resilience by bringing Dynamics 365 manufacturing capabilities together with Azure, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Power Platform.

Accelerate innovation