CRM Insurance Solution

Proactively manage risk and

slash operation costs

Equip your people with a complete view of policyholders. Build stronger client relationships and boost client acquisition.
Boost Client Aquisition
Combine account and sales data with business and consumer data and let A.I. identify the most important leads to focus on. The systems learns with you so that the more data it receives the better it gets – meaning your turn more leads into clients.
Improve Agent Productivity
Create a central repository for policyholder information. Streamline data input and make it easier to find information. Automate repetitive tasks reducing overheads.
Reduce Customer Churn
Instantly create new quotes. Receive intelligent cross-sell and up-sell suggestions. Drive policy renewals with deal tracking workflows and insight into buying behaviours.

“In just seven months we saw an 87% increase in sales”

Keith Boyle. Head of D2C

See why a CRM Insurance solution is needed

is the total gross written premium for the South Africa market.


is the compund annual growth rate of the insurance industry in South Africa


insurance companies are competing for business in the insurance market.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365, the next generation of intelligent business applications.

Unifying CRM capabilities, they enable your organisation to grow, evolve and transform.

They ensure you can provide a consistent, excellent, customer experience – right across your organisation.

Better Together

Insurance Solution +    Customer Service: Onboard your clients and manage their service cases all on the same platform.

Insurance Solution +   Partner Portals: Onboard clients and partners on the same platform. Allow partners to manage their clients through their own secure, web-based portal.

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