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The CRM Team is a First Technology Group company, and a Microsoft Partner.

The CRM Team assists companies by streamlining customer experience and delivering value more quickly.


The CRM Team Founders

Our Story

Where It All Began

The CRM Team was started by two friends in Johannesburg.

After years of working with CRM they said to each other, “There must be a better way. CRM solutions should be easy to use, quick to set up, and have a measurable impact on the business. Rather than being told about our solutions, our customers should experience them first-hand.”

Shortly after this conversation The CRM Team began.

In the Spotlight

More about us

Our objective is to help clients realise business value sooner, simplify the technology deployment process, gain deeper data-driven insights, and explore continual innovation to help them grow their businesses.

Years of experience with business applications have resulted in a broad pool of tenured team members who are knowledgeable in business application and cloud services.

Our knowledge of Microsoft extends beyond simple implementation. We have tried-and-true techniques and inventive Microsoft Dynamics specialists ready to build the right implementation plan for your business and its unique landscape.

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What We Offer

Power Platform Implementation

With Microsoft Power Platform, collaborate to successfully solve challenges – analyze data, construct solutions, automate processes, and create virtual agents.

Simplified User Adoption

Any company that implements new software should address user adoption and not simply software deployment.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Intelligent business applications that enables everyone to deliver operational excellence and create
more engaging customer experiences.

Data Insights and Visualisation

Know your customers like never before with a real-time customer data platform (CDP) from Microsoft.

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Meet the Management Team

Wynand Roos the CRM Team

Wynand Roos


Bianca Kruger

Emil Hickley

Operations Director

Bertha Musanhu The CRM Team

Bertha Musanhu

Head of Delivery Operations

Roehan Manders

Roehan Manders

Head of Project Delivery

Bianca Kruger

Bianca Kruger

Marketing Manager

Bertha Musanhu The CRM Team

Rynhardt Grobler

Head of Sales


Where do I start?

1.After receiving your Account details (Username and Password) head to https://www.office.com/ and login.

2.You will be prompted to change your password and to set up Authentication methods, follow these steps to completion.

3.Once successfully logged in to Office, download your Office Applications as seen on the right.

How do we communicate?

Our main forms of Communication at The CRM Team are Microsoft Teams and Outlook.

How do I Add your Email Signature to Outlook?

As part of your Onboarding you will receive an Email Signature. This needs to be set up on your Outlook to automatically populate on each email you send. Please see steps below:

1.Download your Signature.

2.Open Outlook and head to the Search Bar on the Top of the Application.

3.Type “Signature” and select.

4.Click on “New” and name your Signature.

5.Open the Downloaded Signature and press Ctrl – A (Select the whole Signature) the Ctrl – C (Copy the Signature)

6.Head back to Outlook and select the Text box under “Edit signature” 

7.Press Ctrl – V (Paste the signature) and this should display the Signature in the mentioned Text box 

8.Last but not least, ensure you have selected your New Signature to Default on New Messages and Replies

Where to find Customer Environment Details?

The CRM Team has many Customers with multiple Environments each. In order to Develop/Investigate/Access these environments you will need Customer Credentials. We store this Data in our Internal Dynamics CRM.

URL for our Internal CRM: https://tct.crm4.dynamics.com/

  • Once logged in to the Sales Environment, head to the “Customers” Section
  • Under Customers you will find an Entity named “Environments”. This is where all our Customers Environment Details sit
  • You can then use these details to log in to the required environment

Environments URL: https://tct.crm4.dynamics.com/main.aspx?appid=d9d67ec5-187f-ea11-a811-000d3a253a0e&forceUCI=1&pagetype=entitylist&etn=tct_environment&viewid=7a5a9877-3ec4-4093-9f50-f942a7d266b7&viewType=1039

What is Azure DevOps?

Azure DevOps is the Software we use at The CRM Team to keep track of all our Work/Productivity/Repositories etc.

If you would like to familiarize yourself with this software visit this URL: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/overview/devops-tutorial/#understanding

To access Azure DevOps, use the following URL: https://dev.azure.com/thecrmteam/ 

Some things to Note:

  • Access to certain functions will depend on your role
  • Access to certain areas (such as Repositories) will depend on your role
  • Any issues you have with DevOps permissions/access can be directed straight to the Global Admin for resolution (Matthew Lambert, matthewvl@thecrmteam.com)
  • You will be taken through the in-depth functions and how we utilize the Software during one of your onboarding sessions
What is 7pace?

7pace is another piece of Software we use that integrates with Azure DevOps. Its purpose is Time Tracking.

For additional information Visit their site: https://www.7pace.com/timetracker

In basic terms, 7pace allows us to track time against User Stories and Tickets. This allows us to accurately report on Progress/Burn-downs/Outcomes etc.

Some things to Note:

  • Access to certain functions will depend on your role
  • Any issues you have with 7pace can be directed straight to the Global Admin for resolution (Emil Hickley, emil@thecrmteam.com)
  • You will be taken through the in-depth functions and how we utilize the Software during one of your onboarding sessions

Hours of Operation

08:00am – 17:00pm



Office Door code: 8011#

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