Towards a revenue-generating sales and service management platform:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 & ICON

Find out how they are doing it.


“We went through multiple platforms until we came to the conclusion that the Dynamics/CRM Team combination was the correct one.”

Sean Kelly

Business Analyst, Icon

Products and Services
Microsoft Dynamics 365


Financial Services

Organization Size

11 – 50 Employees


South Africa

Icon is an independent digital distribution platform for financial advisors. By leveraging the power of a unique Dynamics-built solution,  Icon could bring its core, value-adding service to market. The platform connects agents in the insurance industry and powers client engagement and management. The result: efficiency gains in an industry long overdue for disruption.

A brand-neutral, revenue-generating platform facilitating sales, customer and service management


With its cloud-based data storage, investment reporting and engagement capabilities, the Icon platform is set to shake up the insurance industry. The tool enables subscribers to access a variety of critical, value-adding services.

A slow-evolving industry in need of disruption


‘We had been operating in very much the same way for decades,’ notes Sean Kelly, business analyst at Icon, of the broker-insurer network. Unlike in other industries, little disruptive innovation had streamlined business practices. The result was slow process evolution and an operating environment that was still stubbornly paper-based.

There were further challenges. Cost-ineffective distribution, non-scalable distribution models and the inability to keep up with changing product needs were all placing strain on brokers. As result, many had begun to struggle. They were falling short of delivering an attractive value proposition and could not cater to changing consumer needs and trends.

The industry needed a game-changing solution. The Icon team wanted to bring exactly that to the market. To do so, however, they needed an innovative and committed partner.

The one solution feel


‘We considered several partners,’ says Kelly. ‘We searched for well over a year and went through multiple platforms …’ Ultimately, however, it became clear that the Microsoft Dynamics/CRM Team combination was the right one.

Dynamics’ superior flexibility, scalability, ability to integrate seamlessly with Office 365 and Azure were all factored the final choice, notes Kelly of Dynamics’ ‘one solution feel’. The CRM Team’s flexible and integrated ‘business consulting’ approach also aligned with Icon’s business vision.

The use of Agile methodology and ‘anything is possible’ mindset were further benefits of working with The CRM Team. Overall, says Kelly, the combination made for a highly attractive partnership.

“We enjoyed the flexibility and ‘anything is possible’ attitude … this really spoke to a partnership we wanted to be involved in.”

Sean Kelly, Icon

The CRM Team leads clients on their digital transformation journey, providing innovative next-generation technology solutions and services, particularly in the area of customer relationship management.


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Driving insight with digital


The solution needed to allow brokers and their clients to interact in new ways. It also needed to drive both functionality and insight.

A consolidated view of brokers, clients and advisors was critical, notes The CRM Team’s Head of Delivery and Projects Jessica Du Toit. The ability to handle lead logging, sales pipeline tracking and contact type differentiation were also key.

Additional requirements centered around document loading, quote generation and effective query resolution through case management. The solution also needed to scalable and to be able to be white-labelled into a variety of spaces.

On the front end, the capstone was a self-service portal – one that could be accessed by both brokers and their clients.


Leveraging Agile, flexibility and more


‘The CRM Team’s flexibility … and their ability to deal with our constantly evolving needs as a start-up has been a big plus for us,’ says Kelly. He adds that the team’s Agile approach also facilitated a great deal of in-house learning. ‘We are learning what works and what doesn’t work, giving us great ideas on future builds and iterations … It has been enjoyable to deal with a team who are more than just executors.’


The culmination of the digital journey


The final solution powers both function and insight. Further, it has streamlined business processes and driven efficiency gains. ‘Through the use of the platform, we have been able to build a method of standardisation,’ notes Kelly, ‘enabling us to improve efficiency and effectiveness as well as improve employee training and … speed of learning.’

The platform has also improved the company’s data management, access to insights and ability to quantify client engagement levels. ‘We are able to tell which of our clients are engaging and in what way,’ notes Kelly. He adds that the solution has also enabled the Icon team to unlock a far deeper understanding of their own business. This has enabled the company to provide better solutions to clients.

Kelly singles out scalability and improvements to data collection, output, marketing and communication as further benefits. ‘We are also able to look after more brokers, which is very important to us, as this talks to our value proposition as a business.’

The newfound ability to track internal team performance levels is also set to deliver benefits over the coming months.