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Form Field Optimiser

Improve user adoption by identifying and removing redundant form fields that are not beneficial towards driving business operations.

Data Maturity Audit

Gauge where you are on your personalised data maturity journey. Then get clear instruction on which actions to take next in order to progress up the curve. Before you know it, you’ll be making better decisions thanks to AI backed insights.

Increase proficiency with Form Field Optimiser

Whether it’s for a customer facing platform such as a website or for internal business systems, redundant form fields that do not add value to business can significantly impact user adoption and data parity.

Users often become reluctant to use a system due to the sheer volume of sections or fields which need to be completed. If a form is optimised by removing unused fields it is more likely to be completed.

The Form Field Optimiser allows you to identify the unused form fields. By removing those fields, system users can focus on populating information that has operational impact and is beneficial towards moving your business forward.

Data Maturity Auditor

Data and Analytics is a journey. This means there are many steps before the actual data starts to provide actionable insights. The journey begins with creating a data platform that collects, cleans and pools together data sources. From there, the data can be analysed and utilised in more advanced ways through machine learning and artificial intelligence.  

Before investing in the systems and capabilities that support advanced analytics, it makes sense to understand where your business is in the broader scheme and what tactical interventions can be implemented to drive progress.

What Does The Tool Consist Of?

It is a framework made up of components. Each component represents an important part of what defines ‘data maturity’. These components include: 

·         Accuracy 

·         Reliability 

·         Accessibility 

·         Timeliness 

·         Security 

Each component has a set of sub-components that further unpack that dimension. Each subcomponent is assigned a score according to a quantitative and qualitive evaluation. By tallying up the scores for each component, an overall score is obtained which indicates the organisations data maturity. 

The usefulness of the tool is that it can be repeated so as to track how interventions affect the business’s ability to translate customer data into actionable insights. 


The main benefit to the business is that it provides a quantifiable, objective mechanism to evaluate data maturity. This is valuable because it helps provide some strategic guidance to the next best interventions in terms of being able to drive actionable insights from customer data. in this way, user adoption and systems maturity can be managed in lockstep. 


·         Quantify organisational data maturity regarding customer data 

·         Identify the next best interventions to drive maturity and progress 

·         Map out data maturity journey that fits strategic, tactical and operational factors 

Improve User Adoption and Get Actionable Insights.