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Get More Leads

Provide your team with the insight they need to generate more leads. Track individual visitor activity on your website and score this activity based on number of visits, page views and interactions. Scoring is customised to the metrics that matter to you. And with everyone getting a score (including anonymous visitors) you can see who to focus on.

Web Intelligence

Track where visits to your website originate from. See which search terms are most effective and see which social media channels create the most traffic. See site visits, page views and form captures within a second of when they occur on your site. You can also know how long a visitor remains on a page and also see which pages visitors find as the most engaging.

Social Media Tracking

Use social selling to spot buying signals, identify competitive threats, and keep track of what is happening in the market. Build authority in social channels by sharing content relevant to your prospects. Create leads based on social posts and see a snapshot of your social activities using trends and sentiment analysis.

Advanced Analytics

Learn how your prospects think and react. Record behaviour and use propensity models to predict their future behaviour. Continually improve your conversion rates and reduce your churn by analysing your data. Measure the impact of your marketing efforts in real-time, and adjust your processes according to what is producing results.

Nurture Leads to Maturity

Develop relationships with prospects at every stage of the marketing process – right through to handing over to sales. Keep your messages in front of your prospects without committing valuable sales resources. You can easily build automated campaigns to include targeted messaging, and you can nurture prospects who are not yet to be handed over to sales. As your prospects begin to respond, a relevant stream of messages will be sent and a variety of automated actions can be triggered based on the prospect’s responses.

Simple Nurture Campaigns

Place leads in relevant nurture campaigns and segment these leads according to their response. Identify when they are demonstrating buying signals and only hand over leads to sales that actually show a readiness to purchase. This whole process is built using a drag and drop editor and is fully automated.

Intelligent Email Management

Craft beautiful emails quickly with drag and drop or HTML. Carry out Split A/B tests and then send the winning variant to your mailing list. Once emails are sent, track opening and click-through rates to see which campaigns are the most effective. See every page that email recipients view on your website so that you can see the journey a prospect takes.

Automate Campaigns

Build multi-channel, automated campaigns using an easy drag-and-drop interface. Create series of actions that include sending emails, adding/removing participants from a marketing list, assigning users, notifying users or teams of actions, creating task activities, or triggering workflows. Automate these tasks, so you can put more effort into the things that matter. Scale your efforts as your company grows.

Campaign Automation

Create customised campaigns and then put them on autopilot. Track who is responding, and engage at just the right time. Re-use campaign templates and systematise your campaign tasks. By tracking every element of the campaign you can report on an accurate ROMI.

Event Management

Manage the complete event process. Automate invitations, RSVPs and follow-ups for live events and webinars. Track attendance then score attendance behaviour. Place attendees into relevant nurture programs, based on their score.

Align Marketing & Sales

Avoid bad communication and get your sales and marketing teams together to achieve common business goals. Give both teams a complete view of the customer so that each can do their part to move potential customers along the customer journey. Combining marketing and sales activity in one platform means that teams can be aware of all the interactions customers have had with your company. Create a seamless experience for your customers whether they’re responding to your marketing campaigns or interacting with your sales team.

Single Customer View

Allow your sales and marketing teams to get a complete view of your entire prospecting process. Allow every team member to see web site visitors, named leads, opportunities and won customers and ensure that everybody is working together to win more customers.

Reduce Costs

By using a single solution for your sales and marketing teams, you can lower management costs and resources. It’s a platform that’s compliant with all the relevant government, industry, and corporate standards. It also simplifies your reporting requirements and allows teams to get full visibility into what everybody is doing.

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