CRM Field Service Features

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Optimised Scheduling

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Preventative Maintenance

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Real-Time Inventory

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Full Mobility

Optimised Scheduling

Fit in more appointments per day by assigning jobs intelligently.Work flows accommodate both customer service representatives and dispatchers, making the whole process a better experience end-to-end. Get full insight into the locations of your technicians so you can ensure the right technicians is sent to the right job and arrive at the right time.
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Quickly Create Work Orders

Create and manage work orders from service cases or new opportunities. Work orders are integrated with accounts, contacts, assets, cases, and entitlements, so you can pull in data from across you service solution. Add products, service tasks, and characteristics to give a full overview of what needs to be done.

Assign Jobs Intelligently

Match technician capabilities with job requirements. Account for geography, regulatory requirements, customer preference, and service level agreements when matching. Matching can be fully automated or done manually with intelligent assistance.

Stay Responsive

Quckly reallocate resources in response to changes or emergency situations. Use of extensive A.I. and machine learning, means you can reduce driving time and fit in more appointments per day.

Preventative Maintenance

Connect devices through the Internet of Things (IoT) and detect, troubleshoot, and resolve issues remotely – reducing the frequency a technician is dispatched. Eliminate many urgent customer calls by performing repairs before an imapct is felt by the buisness. Even reset misfucntioning devices remotely to reduce the number of technicians vistis you need to make.
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Connect Devices Simply

Newly installed or existing customer assets are easily connected to the solution. Behind the scenes, a preconfigured remote monitoring system ensures that you are up and running very quickly.

Dispatch Automatically

When an anomaly is detected, the solution automatically creates a work order and dispatches a technician to review the issue. This proactive approach improves customer satisfaction by decreasing overall downtime. Devices are repaired without customers losing productivity.

Fix Remotely

Instead of dispatching a technician automatically, when an anomaly is detected, the solution can be set to ask the device to try to fix itself, such as triggering a reset. If that doesn’t work, then a work order is automatically created and a technician scheduled.

Service intelligently

The solution looks at the actual consumption of a part and only sends out alerts when the part needs to be changed or cleaned. Move away from schedule maintenance to “just-in-time” preventative maintenance. Built-in machine learning allows the solution to predict when parts need replacing.

Real-Time Inventory

Manage inventory updates and stock history across locations, warehouses, depots, and vehicles. Real-time updates mean your inventory is always accurate, so you can better track your service stock for fewer write-offs. Your stock forecasting will also improve.
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Reduce Time on Site

Maintain your mobile warehouse inventory to ensure technicians have the right parts on-hand. Improve your first time fix rates because technicians do not have to leave site to fetch parts.

Invoice On Time

Track inventory being used so you can accurately invoice customers. Adjust inventory records automatically based on in-field use or en route purchasing.

Reduce Write-offs

Keep track of service warranties and inventory at mobile and fixed locations to ensure fewer write-offs. Effectively forecast materials’ requirements and so take advantage of bulk and just-in-time ordering.

Invoice Accurately

Use barcodes or serial numbers to ensure you invoice all parts used. Simplify quotes and contract by using service templates.

Full Mobility

Improve first-visit resolution by equipping your field technicians with everything they need to complete the job. See extensive maps, work orders, stock levels, customer data, and the required steps – regardless of internet connectivity. Capture photos showing job completion and digital signatures for faster sign-off and invoicing.
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Turn-by-turn Navigation

Provide field technicians with turn-by-turn directions. Show the quickest routes between jobs to fit more jobs in per day.

Step-By-Step Guidance

Provide your field technicians with recommended steps for repair. Show check lists detailing each action that needs to be taken.

Digital Sign-Off

When the job is completed, capture photos and the customer’s signature so that invoices can be automatically generated while still at site.

Recommended Upsell & Cross-Sell

Next to the customer information, field technicians will receive suggestions for upsells and cross-sells, based on what similar customers have bought. Machine learning algorithms will ensure these suggestions accurately reflect the particular customer’s need.

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