CRM Customer Service Features

Improve your agent’s productively and create highly-satisfied customers.

Full Omni-Channel

Self-Service Portals

Faster Case Closure

Single Customer View

Full Omni-Channel

Integrates SMS, social, email, instant messaging and chatbots to provide a unified brand experience. Allow your customers to switch between multiple channels on different devices yet still receive the same excellent experience.

A Unified Platform

Easily transition between web, chat, social engagements and phone engagements without missing any information. Every interation with the customer is recorded and stored in one place, meaning people can change shifts and hand over cases with confidence.

Social Media Tracking

See a snapshot of social activities through trends, buzz volume, and sentiment analysis. Auto-capture socials posts as service cases when certain words are mentioned. Build authority in social channels by sharing content relevant to your customers.

Personalise Every Interaction

Leverage resources to create individualised and consistent experiences across all of your channels. Insights, SLA timers and entitlements, are presented to the agent so that every interaction is contextual one.

Voice of the Customer

Drag-and-drop survey designer, theme editor and rich design logic makes it easy to create personalized voice of the customer surveys. Get an in-depth understanding of how you customer views your company and the service you provide.

Self-Service Portals

Empower the majority who prefer to find answers on their own through self-service and community options. Give a branded, personalized experience. Leverage an organized, searchable knowledgebase to deliver consistent, up-to-date answers. Enable a professional community experience for peer-to-peer support and direct interaction with subject matter experts.

A Fully Branded Customer Portal

Provide your customers with a branded portal. With intuitive navigation, case deflection capabilities, community discussion forums and an easy to use blogging platform your customers will be able to find the answers they need. An optional federated search returns results from any combination of relevant knowledge articles, social posts and blogs. Automated community threads provides simple escalation to cases.

Secure Access

Customer portals leverage the same security, user roles and rights that already set up. Customers can log on using local authentication or federated authentication through a variety of providers meaning your customer’s data is always secure.

Live Chat Support

Engage portal and web customers with live chat. Resolve issues quickly and simply in a way that suits the customer and makes them feel quickly engaged without having to call your contact centre.

A Searchable Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base articles are scheduled for periodic review or expiration to ensure content is always current. Translation and versioning capabilities make it easy to surface the latest version in the right language to your self-service customers.

Faster Case Closure

Give your agents the tools, guidance, and data they need to resolve issues quickly. Agents can access information across diverse environments to provide a more personalized, effective customer experience. Boost their productivity by providing business processes and workflow, integrated knowledge, SLAs, scripting, entitlements and intelligent, pre-emptive recommendations.

A Dynamic Custom Interface

Support your agents with a visual interface that is tailored to their role. All the tools, guidance and data that they need to service their customers is available in one place – including information and assets from third party applications.

Resolution Assistance

Real-time insights, SLA timers and entitlements, are presented to the agent so that they ensure they always meet the service agreement for each customer. If 1st response rate is not met the case automatically escalates to the right person.

Collaboration Tools

Speed resolution times and avoid escalations by using collaboration tools to connect agents with peers and subject matter experts across internal and external teams.

Build up a Knowledge Base

Get instant access to records detailing how agents solved similar cases. Quickly and simply see other critical information including notes, forms, manuals, FAQs and SLAs.

Single Customer View

Access accurate and up-to-date information and provide a single source of truth across all your channels. Insights about your customer are displayed through interactive dashboards with powerful data visualisations. 

Everything in one place

Bring together your data from the various touch points your company has with your customers so that you can see all your customer data in one place.

Cross-sell & Upsell Identification

Use service intelligence to identify best-fit cross-sell/up-sell opportunities for each of your customers. Explore what-if scenarios and use this inteliigence to improve your service performance and identify better practice.

Actionable Insights

Drill into your data using interactive charts and reports. Include data from third party applications for deeper business insights and even better analysis.

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