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At The CRM Team we strive to be 2% better every day.

The CRM Team offers world class Dynamics 365 Training. With an average of 2 classes a day, 18 days a month, 11 months a year, for the last 10 years our trainers know how to deliver training that adds real value. The CRM Team’s world-class trainers have helped Dynamics 365 end users in over ten countries to date, including Australia, Botswana, Tanzania, Nigeria, Dubai, USA, Thailand, Turkey, Israel, Cameroon, Kenya and the UK.

Joining The CRM Team affords you the opportunity to upskill and be trained by some of the most sought after Dynamics 365 trainers on the continent.  

  • Dynamics 365 – 90%
  • Azure – 77%
  • Power bi – 15%


“Working with exceptional people who are always willing to support you in anything you do. We are positive, energetic and strive for excellence, that no other competitor can rival. There is also a great level of understanding and compassion between team members. When we make mistakes, we are accountable and act fast to find a resolution. WE NEVER GIVE UP!!!”

Justin Harrison

Delivery Manager

“I like working at The CRM Team because it has a clear identity. It knows who it is and what it wants to achieve. And it’s not only about feel-good elements like ‘making a difference in the lives of our clients’ but also about principles like taking ultimate responsibility and knowing when you’re wrong. Out of this mix emerges integrity, discipline, and total commitment.”
Halen Bothma

Data Analyst

“At The CRM Team we are the best because of ‘Us’.  We believe in team work. We learn together, work together, play together, and win together.  Our Customers and Partners are Us.  We are all one team with one goal to win in every area of our business.”

Bertha Musanhu

Training Operations

“Great competent team. Dedicated and very capable leadership. Great time-off activities.”

Johan van Dyk

Specialist Technical Trainer