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Can The CRM Team mentor and supplement our existing team?
Yes, The CRM Team has world class experts that we can offer you on a monthly retainer option. Reach out to us and we can work you to find an exact match to your requirements.
I love what Microsoft is doing but I don't understand how all the different Microsoft solutions work together or how they are priced?
Microsoft is working hard to simplify and connect their solutions together seamlessly. An example of this is the exciting work done to integrate Microsoft Teams with Microsoft Dynamics 365. The CRM Team would like the opportunity to take you through the Microsoft Exosystem and applicable pricing. Contact us to set this up.
We need to enhance or replace our existing CRM but we need help to modernize the way we work. Can you assist us with this?
Microsoft has developed a design thinking process called The Catalyst Program that can be used to envision your future. The CRM Team have certified in the Microsoft Catalyst Program and in as little as a day workshop can guide you towards the future that you design.