Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Administrators Training

About Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Administrators Training

The audience typically includes system administrators, implementation consultants, system integrators, technical staff, functional consultants, partners, and project managers and support professionals. They assess a customer’s business needs and install, configure, deploy, and customize the application. 

 This course is also appropriate for sales staff who have a business software solutions background and want to demonstrate foundational understanding of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 application. 


Instructor-led classroom or online training. Classroom training is hosted at The CRM Team training suite, Allandale Offices, Waterfall Drive.

Course Content
1. Office 365
  • User Management in Office 365 
  • Adding multiple users to Office 365 
  • Character limits for the user import file 
2. Business Units 
  • Setting up Business Units 
  • Business Units – Important information 
  • User Management in Dynamics 
3. Security
  • Set up Hierarchy based Security 
  • Set up Manager based Hierarchy 
  • Set up Position based Hierarchy 
  • Security Best practices 
  • Manage Microsoft Dynamics 365 Security Roles and Privileges. 
4. Teams
  • Using Teams 
  • Setting up Owner Teams 
  • Setting up Access Teams 
5. Outlook 
  • Setting up Mailboxes 
  • Outlook App Setup 
  • Set up Dynamics 365 for Outlook 
  • Navigating Dynamics 365 for Outlook 
  • Comparing Dynamics 365 App for Outlook with Dynamics 365 for Outlook 
6. Mobile 
  • Mobile Login 
  • Mobile Application Navigation 
  • Mobile Record Navigation 
7. Other   
  •  Managing Users in Office 
  • Setting up Users in Dynamics 
  • Exploring Advanced Find 
  • Setting up Activity Reports and Organisation Insights 
  • Using Dashboards 
  • Introduction to Organisation Insights 
  • Tools for Admin (Gus Gonzalez – Microsoft MVP) 

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