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Increase your profits through field service

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Field service is undergoing a revolution.

Look at companies like Uber. They harness existing mobile devices to deliver efficient service, that is scalable, profitable – without costing the earth. That same tech is now available in field service.

Whatever your industry – telecoms, mining, medical, engineering etc. – it’s now possible to have a simple, scalable, system that just works. End-to-end. From receiving a request, to scheduling and allocating it. To routing it, to completing it and receiving payment for it. One, easy-to-use system can manage the complete process. And supervisors can see an overview in real-time, getting up-to-the minute analytics, that are meaningful to your business.

Respected research firm, Gartner, gave this assessment of the change that is happening in field service:

“Increasing customer expectations, and changes in the economics of acquiring and retaining customers, has transformed the nature of field service, from cost center to a strategic element of customer management, and important source of profit.” ¹

Enter Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service. A fully mobile, fully customisable field service management solution that has been designed for this new environment. It will increase your productivity, reduce your costs and increase your profits.

Adopt Dynamics 365 for Field Service in your business and you’ll typically save 10-22% in fuel, vehicle maintenance and wear and tear. You’ll reduce your carbon footprint by an average of 2.5 tons per year and increase your number of service calls by 5-18%.

Dynamics 365 for Field Service has all the features you’d expect:

Simple Capture – As calls come in, easily capture the information and convert into a work order.

FieldOne features infographic

Quick Allocation – Assign the right jobs to the right field agents. Get an accurate estimation of travel times.

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Easy Coordination – See which agents are on which jobs at any moment in time. See the status of a job by its colour.

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Automated Routing – Turn-by-turn directions, according to the shortest route are generated automatically and sent to the field agent. This reduces navigation issues and decreases idle time.

Dispatcher’s view:

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Field Agent’s view:

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Simplified documentation – Capture every detail associated to the job and have it stored automatically against the customer record. Tasks, parts, photos, notes, and customer signatures are all recorded.

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Automated billing – whether syncing to your existing ERP/Accounting software, or generate invoices itself, Dynamics 365 for Field Service will take the hassle out of billing.

FieldOne features infographic

Dynamics 365 Suite 

Not only that, if you buy Dynamics 365 for Field Service, you have the option of buying the other Dynamics 365 business apps. So, as well bringing excellence to your field service you can ensure this excellence is carried across the business. Read how here and here.

If you already have Dynamics 365 Enterprise Plan then its just a case of activating Field Service, and having it customised it to your environment. We’d be happy to do that for you. You can request a customisation here.

office 365 logo  Office 365 & Dynamics 365 for Field Service

If you are already enjoying the productivity benefits of Office 365, you’ll find Dynamics 365 for Field Service very intuitive. Microsoft has ensured Dynamics 365 for Field Service integrates deeply with Office 365, so you’ll get numerous benefits.

Improve your customer experience

By adopting Dynamics 365 for Field Service, it’ll help you progress on the CRM maturity journey. If you want to have better field service collaboration, increased productivity and increased customer satisfaction, why not contact us now to arrange a demo?

¹Gartner “Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management” by William McNeill, Michael Maoz, Jason Wong, Dec 22, 2014

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