Frequently Asked Questions

Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud-based or can it be stored locally?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based solution. This allows it to be accessible from anywhere, at any time without the up-keep of expensive servers.

Does Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrate with Microsoft Office 365?

Yes, they’ve been built by Microsoft to integrate deeply.

Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 mobile?

Yes, there are Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phones. This allows you full accessibility while on-the-go. You can even operate offline and it will automatically sync your data when you’re back online.

Do I need to buy any special hardware to use Microsoft Dynamics 365?

No, the only thing each user needs is a computer with internet access. Managing the infrastructure that runs Microsoft Dynamics 365 is all taken care of, and it’s much safer for your data this way.

Will the design of the solution match my corporate identity?

We’ll customise the platform to your requirements. We’ll import your logo and configure the user interface with your corporate colours.

What support do you offer?

We’ll provide initial training for your team so that they can use the solution. Depending on the package you chose, this will either be online or virtual led training. Once your solution is up and running, additional support can be purchased in eight hourly blocks. If you would like refresher training or would like to on-board new team members you can buy specific training [here].

How does my data get on to Microsoft Dynamics 365?

We provide templates for your data. You’ll then send it to us and we’ll then import it onto your platform.

What does it mean to have intelligence built-in?

All Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications sync directly with Microsoft’s powerful Cortana Intelligence Suite. This gives you access to machine learning to improve your business processes. You can receive insights that predict future trends and you can automate repetitive tasks.

As a cloud based system, how secure is the information I store on Microsoft Dynamics 365?

The level of data-security that Microsoft provide is far higher than many companies can afford to provide by themselves, and it’s all included in the price, taking that worry away from you.

Do I get a discount if I already have Microsoft Office 365?

Yes, Microsoft have built Dynamics 365 to integrate into Office 365. If you already have a license for Office 365 you’ll get a 30% discount on the license for Dynamics 365.

How long does an implementation take?

Our implementations are quick. We run an agile process that gives you incremental improvements to your platform in three-week cycles, so you are not waiting months and months before you get something to begin working on.

When would you need payment by?

When you purchase a package you’ll provide a deposit. Once the solution is deployed you’ll provide the final payment.

Do I need to have a minimum number of users?

CRM comes with licenses for five users as standard. So while you don’t need five users, you’ll get licenses to have five.

What does the next step look like?

Fill in a contact form here and one of our experts will contact you to find out your exact requirements. We’ll then get the information we need to create your solution.