Customer Insights

Transforming data into actionable insights

Companies that win, are the ones that know their customers best.

The value of good data lies in what insights it generates to positively influence your business processes. Personalize your customer engagement with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and gain the advantage.

Why Customer Insights?

Unify Siloed Customer Data and Have a Single View of your Customer

Predict Customer & Business Outcomes with Behavioural Analytics

Optimise Decision Making with Actionable Insights

Direct Business Process Automation based on Insights derived

The data challenge most businesses experience

Capturing, consolidating, cleansing and analysing customer data continues to present a significant challenge
for many businesses.

Dynamics’ Customer Insights has been specially designed to enable businesses to quickly consolidate data for a single customer view and work with actionable data insights to make decisions that grow their revenue.

All this without having to commit to a significant investment in a data management infrastructure.

Narrow the gap between data and action.

The journey toward the single customer involves four simple steps:

1. Unify

Understand your current position on the data maturity journey. Bring historical data together as the basis for single view. Consolidate disparate data sources to create a rich analytical environment that generates useful, actionable insights.

2. Transform

Transform unified data into insights through embedded AI and ML capabilities. Construct tailored customer profiles based on consolidated data environment, segment customer pools based on static and dynamic attributes.


3. Discover

Utilise customer, data and business measures to draw insights from data. Formulate hypotheses based on data strategy and evaluate theories through the development, testing, and training of machine learning algorithms.

4. Optimise

Push insights into the places where they can be utilised by business users, business analysts, and administrators. Connect to Microsoft Flow for automation, PowerApps for customised business applications, and Power BI for more in-depth, visual reporting.


Unleash the power of your data today!

Optimise Decision Making With Actionable Insights

Get a single view of every client within a unified interface.
Combine and leverage all your data – spanning policies, premiums, opportunities, open claims, relationships and their assets – with a single view. Create a seamless customer experience, while empowering your sales team. Supply client information to those in your team who need it – improving office productivity and ensuring consistent client management.

Predict Customer and Business Outcomes

Give your clients a consistent and seamless customer experience across various platforms with our solution. A unified front end allows you to switch seamlessly between channels and devices, while still ensuring the same experience for your clients. You’ll be able to bring together SMS, email, social, chatbots and more for a consistent and powerful experience.


Connect and View Multiple Sources of Data

Use data-driven customer insights that will proactively recommend the right product to the right client at the right time. Offer extra products or services that match the client’s profile for a highly personalised interaction. Real-time dashboards and reporting bring all your information together in a meaningful view for actionable advice.

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