D365 Omni-Channel Solution

Create personalised and consistent experiences across all channels.

Create an exceptional customer experience

Measure, monitor and improve customer relationships by bringing together all your channels.

Faster Case Closure

Proactively address customer issues and cut resolution time. 

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Easily move between web, chat, social engagements and phone calls without missing information. 

Reduce Operational Costs

Decrease call centre volume through optimising processes and the customer experience. 

Increase Share of Wallet

Accurate customer data allows you to explore opportunities and scenarios to increase up- and cross-sell. 

Effective Deflection to Low Touch Channels

Deflect calls, queries and comments to the correct channel for highly satisfied customers. Effective query deflection allows your business to quickly solve customers’ needs and questions.

All Client Data & Interactions in a Single View

Your business will have a single view of your clients, no matter what channel they choose to interact with you on. This allows you to create more personalised customer experiences. It also gives you greater insight into your customer’s behaviours and interactions for targeted sales and marketing.

Accurate Data Collection

An omni-channel solution allows you to capture and maintain accurate client and business information, across multiple channels. It collects data from all client interactions for an integrated platform that is clean of duplicate records.

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TCT365 for Insurance uses a pre-built feature list that combines insurance industry best practices with the latest technology to improve your time to value.

Centralised customer data

Collect and use customer data across multiple channels to create a single view of the customer.

Cross-channel customer service

Deflect customer queries and interactions to the right channel to facilitate first-call-resolution.

Integrated experience

Your customers can switch between multiple channels on different devices and still receive the same excellent experience.

Straight-through processing

Automated processing allows self- and assisted service that reduces operational costs to unlocks skill and monetary value in your business.

Know Your Customer

Unified data allows you to get an accurate view of the customer, assess potential risks and strengthen customer relationships.

Information Sharing

Reduce information silos in your business to facilitate smarter and more efficient customer experiences.

Instant messaging

Quick and seamless integration with third party SMS providers allows a two-way texting capability that can be initiated by agents, or by customers.

Live chat and co-browsing

Proactively speak to your customers looking for help. Set up pre-chat and post-chat engagements for faster problem resolutions.

Customer Insights

Collect and gauge customer behaviour patterns to monitor trends, refine processes and offer relevant offers to customers.

“In just seven months we saw an 87% increase in sales”

– Keith Boyle.
Head of D2C at Vitality

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Create individualised and consistent experiences across all your channels with TCT Omni-channel.