For Data Consolidation

The rapid tactical solution your team will actually use.

With Bolt for Data Consolidation solution your team can work smarter, not harder.

We’ve packaged a unique solution for your sized business that will light up your costing models, and projected revenue.

Capture multipledata sources

Enhance dataquality

Build & manage a single view

Secure your Data

Why Bolt for Data Consolidation?

Get faster time to value
by deploying within 2

Remove duplicates,
standardize & secure
your data

Make your complex
data easy to use &

With Bolt for Data Consolidation you can…

  • View all your data in real time
  • Connect and analyse multiple sources of data
  • Accurately track and measure KPI’s
  • Use data to identify business opportunities and efficiencies
  • Predict customer behaviours and encourage next best behaviours


The features that make this possible.

Data Consolidation Through the 3-MS

Data Quality Audit


Consultative Report on Data Management Process

Dynamic Tracking and Reporting

Capturing & Recording Data on the Move

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