Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service

Dynamics 365 for Field Service

You will learn how to implement and manage Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service. The audience typically includes system administrators, implementation consultants, system integrators, technical staff, and support professionals. They assess a customer’s business needs and install, configure, deploy, and customize the application.


Instructor-led classroom training is hosted at The CRM Team training suite, Design Quarter, Fourways.

Course Content

1. Resource setup
  • Set up bookable resources
  • Set up bookable resource categories
  • Set up resource pay types
  • Set up characteristics
2. Booking setup
  • Set up booking statuses
  • Set up booking rules
  • Set up territories
  • Set up postal codes
3. Work order setup
  • Configure incident types
  • Set priorities
  • Create work order types
  • Set up work order sub-statuses
  • Set up service task types
  • Set up time groups


4. Inventory setup
  • Create a product or service
  • Create a price list
  • Set up purchase order sub-statuses
  • Create a warehouse
  • Create ship via
  • Create an RMA sub-status
  • Set up RTV sub-statuses


5. Agreements and billing setup
  • Set up customer agreements
  • Set up agreement sub-statuses
  • Set up payment terms
  • Set up tax codes