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What is CRM?

Many people think that CRM is software. But it’s far more than that…. read more

 Investing in CRM makes great business sense.

Have a look at the hard numbers from 362 companies…. read more

Great customer experience is a journey.

A journey you definitely want to be taking…. read more


Sales Managers: Do these 6 things in 2017

  Staying ahead of the competition is a must. Here's six things you need to be doing as a sales manager in 2017: 1. Get real-time data to make better decisions   Gut-feel and experience are essential guiders of decisions in sales teams, but these shouldn’t...

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Where’s my CRM button gone?

If you logged into your office portal this morning you may have been surprised. The CRM button wasn’t there! Instead, I was presented with this: In case you missed it, Dynamics CRM is no more. ‘What?!?’ you may say. But don’t worry. Microsoft has evolved their cloud...

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