Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights is coming!

Over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every single day.[1] But despite all this data being produced, not one business has their customer data in a single place. What impact is this having on your business?

With your data dispersed everywhere, you aren’t capitalising on your growing data asset. You are missing opportunities simply because you don’t have a single perspective on your customers. Some of your customers might be demonstrating multiple buying behaviours but how can you spot this if there is no way of bringing this insight together?

Enter Dynamics 365 for Customer Insight.


A single, easy-to-use platform that brings all your customer data together – giving you useful insight into the data you’re already collecting.

In Dynamics 365 for Customer Insight, Microsoft have truly developed a game changer. The companies that adopt this early will have a huge advantage over their competitors. While some of it is yet to hit the market, Microsoft gave us access to a preview of the complete version. We let our customer insight specialist, Merrick Benghis, loose on it. Wrapping up a PhD on artificial intelligence, he knows a thing or two about big data. Here’s what he had to say:

“The ability to look at business data from a high level and then drill down to a per customer level is truly amazing.”

With Dynamics 365 for Customer Insight, Microsoft have changed the way companies utilise their customer data. Here are the top three elements that we know will transform your business:

1. Predictive Match

Traditionally, companies have had to create and maintain a unique customer identifier to ensure all their customer data is kept in sync. If IT managers are honest, it’s usually a costly headache.

But that’s all in the past. Microsoft have addressed this with a truly elegant solution. Using advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence developed in Microsoft labs, Microsoft will analyse at your records across your systems and predictively match according to things like title, emails, phone numbers, locations, social media bios etc. They’ll then tell you the likelihood that you are looking at the same customer.

This built-in intelligence can identify customers who have used different names, in different systems (even with typos) and match them correctly. Imagine the possibilities: having all your customer info permanently synced and up to date – almost like a single view!

2. Predictive Scoring

This intelligence doesn’t stop with giving you a single view of your customer. Dynamics 365 for Customer Insight will leverage this view and present predictions to you about your customer’s behaviours. For instance, it will tell you which of your customers are showing a propensity to buy. It can predict which leads are most likely to convert, showing you where you should invest your energies.

It will show you which accounts are showing signs they are about to churn, so you can intervene. It can even predict the offers a customer is most likely to respond to. For instance, a large bank was able to generate an extra $120m through identifying 15 additional cross-sell opportunities to its own customers. [2]

Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights is fully customisable – you can set it to predict ANY business outcome. For instance, a travel and tourism company used Dynamics 365 for Customer Insight’s advanced analytics to optimize their ticket pricing. This led to an increase in earnings of 20 percent. [3]

The more data you feed it the better it gets. And, unlike other platforms, it will show you how it reached these predictions, so you can learn too.

3. Dynamic Segmentation

Your marketing team will also reap the benefits of Dynamics 365 for Customer Insight. You can configure it to your customer journey and dynamically select segments of your customers to target. You could choose a segment from all the people between a certain age, in a certain region who responded to a previous marketing campaign. Dynamics 365 for Customer Insight will track their behaviour and adjust the segment according to their response.

Segments can be created with just a few clicks. You can easily merge or exclude segments to hone your targeting. Dynamics 365 for Customer Insight will automatically maintain these segments according to the criteria you set, meaning marketing lists can be generated accurately and with confidence that they are up to date.

Accurate marketing data leads to be better insight and better targeting – enabling you to get the right product, to the right person at the right time.

In Summary

Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights has been built to give you an accurate single view of your customer. In addition to this, its built-in artificial intelligence and machine learning will help you maximize your data asset making a real difference to your bottom line. What used to only be affordable by the elite, has now been made available to everyone. Can you afford not to have it?

[1] http://www.vcloudnews.com/every-day-big-data-statistics-2-5-quintillion-bytes-of-data-created-daily/

[2] & [3] Microsoft internal data


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